Myk Lum (Principal)
Adam Wade (Director)
Yoon Kim(Senior)
Josh Cantor (Senior)
Chris Doran (Junior)
William Yeh (Engineer)

The development of the Simplehuman Paper Towel Pump was a collaboration between the design team at LDA along with the design direction by Simplehuman. All renderings and animations shown were created by JCID.


Cleaning up spills in the kitchen is a daily activity, but the current process has its shortcomings in terms of user experience. Currently, users have to keep a spray bottle separate from the paper towels, leading to unnecessary extra steps in what should ideally be a smooth and effortless task. The main objective of this project was to create a unified system that combines the paper towel dispenser with the storage and application of cleaning solution, eliminating the need to grab an additional product.


An all-in-one spray bottle and paper towel dispenser, maintaining the original Simplehuman paper towel dispenser’s design and appearance. Through innovative engineering, we’ve integrated a spray nozzle and reservoir into the stem, preserving the familiar form factor. With a user-friendly push-push mechanism and a spring-loaded base, the spray bottle can be effortlessly installed and removed.