Myk Lum (Principal)
Adam Wade (Director)
Josh Cantor (Senior)
Paul Kim (Junior)
William Yeh (Engineer)

The development of the Q-Sys Controllers was a collaboration between the design team at LDA along with the design direction by QSC. All renderings and animations shown were created by JCID.


QSC produces high end audio and video hardware for corporate applications. Their current line of touch screen conference room controllers were due to be updated with new capabilities. These new systems are designed to control an entire family of audio, video, and networked products for the enterprise level of video conferencing, collaboration, and room environment control. Our task was to develop a series of controllers in three different sizes, 5”, 7”, and 10”, that can be desk and wall mounted in both horizontal and vertical formats with considerations for cable management and exterior signaling lights.


A modern, architectural design, meant to elevate any conference room or office it resides in. The screen boasts a subtle beveled edge strategically concealing the transition between glass and plastic. Its sides feature a segmented arrangement of vents that serve dual purposes by housing the integrated lighting system. The aluminum back plate, serving as both a heat sink and a visual element, slopes inward, minimizing its visual thickness, and showcasing a distinctive texture that amplifies surface area for effective cooling. The tabletop stand, which houses the cable management, was designed to remain visually discreet while also accentuating the display’s forms.