Greg Thune (Principal)
Kit Mok (Director)
Josh Cantor (Senior)

The development of the Harry Josh Pro Tools Hair Dryer was a collaboration between the design team at Primer Studios along with the design direction by Harry Josh. All renderings and animations shown were created by JCID.


The Harry Josh Pro Tools hairdryer stands as a premium salon-centric hairdryer, renowned among stylists and consumers alike. Distinguished by its iconic green elements, these products have become highly regarded within the industry. With the goal of optimizing efficiency and refining control, Harry Josh developed a completely revamped engineering approach. Our task encompassed the development of an evolved and modernized design language around this new engineering package. The objective was to not only elevate the existing user experience across their current lineup but also ensure a seamless and unified aesthetic.


A contemporary and revitalized aesthetic that complements the cutting-edge engineering. We retained iconic elements, such as the protective band on the side and the ergonomically designed banana-shaped grip, while also introducing innovative enhancements. Positioned along the grip, the user-friendly controls offer both ease of use and visual cues for hairstylists. A shielded intake vent design serves to prevent hair being inadvertently sucked in. Made from speckled plastic to effectively conceal wear and tear, the nozzle boasts a contoured shape that guides hair during brushing. To add a finishing touch to the design and convey a sense of luxury, subtle details like the green-accented leather hook and anodized switches highlight the premium build quality.