Myk Lum (Principal)
Adam Wade (Director)
Josh Cantor (Senior)
William Yeh (Engineer)

The development of the Clarion Marine Source Units was a collaboration between the design team at LDA along with the design direction by Clarion. All renderings and animations shown were created by JCID.


Clarion, a JL Audio brand, was looking to develop a fresh and distinctive brand language. As a trusted brand in the marine audio space, Clarion holds a substantial presence spanning across both consumer and OEM boat manufacturing markets. The lineup of products encompasses a diverse range of audio devices such as speakers, remotes, tower enclosures, amplifiers, and source units. Our challenge was to create a unified product line that harmonizes seamlessly with the modern aesthetics of present-day watercraft, all the while retaining a timeless aesthetic that resonates with both longstanding customers and newcomers alike.


A design that blends classic style with a unique flair, adaptable to a diverse array of watercraft styles, all the while maintaining a distinct identity that sets it apart from competing brands. At the heart of this design lies a prominent dial, with a brushed metallic ring in the iconic Clarion blue. The generously sized control knob boasts a textured and ergonomically contoured surface, ensuring effortless operation even in turbulent waters. The backlit control pad, made from a single piece of co-molded rubber, reduces play between the buttons and provides a more robust tactile experience. The control pad features dividers between each button, allowing users to make adjustments without diverting their attention from others tasks. Safeguarding the device are two external metal guards, deflecting potential impacts away from the expansive glass screen. To accommodate individual preferences and suit diverse boat aesthetics, the external frame is detachable, enabling the screen to sit flush with the control surface.