Myk Lum (Principal)
Adam Wade (Director)
Josh Cantor (Senior)
Ernesto Rodriquez (Senior)
William Yeh (Engineer)

The development of the Celestron Skymaster Pro Binoculars was a collaboration between the design team at LDA along with the design direction by Celestron. All renderings and animations shown were created by JCID.


For decades, Celestron has been at the forefront of optics manufacturing, establishing itself as an industry leader in telescopes and binoculars. Our challenge in this project revolved around the creation of their upcoming line of astronomy binoculars. Leveraging their new engineering package, our task encompassed the development of a design language that would highlight the cutting-edge technology, all the while retaining its appeal to the established customer demographic. This design pursuit aimed to seamlessly connect the past and the future, introducing innovative features and design components that elevate the overall user experience.


A seamless combination of surfaces, textures, grips, and tactile points converge to craft a comprehensive package exuding comfort, build quality, and durability. Every surface is thoughtfully considered to ensure an optimal user experience, intuitively guiding hand and finger placement. A textured focus wheel, adorned with anodized rings on both sides, facilitates clear visibility and swift adjustments even in the darkness of the night sky. Accenting each side is a badge, centered within the sweeping curvature, depicting a celestial entity in motion through space. Ultimately, the final design harmonizes elements of tradition and modernity, distinctly articulating the Celestron brand aesthetic.