Due to the confidential nature of the development process, process work is not shown publicly. Please reach out to josh@joshcantorid.com for a personalized walk-through of individual projects.

Behind every project lies a story, one that begins with the establishment of a brand identity, an analysis of the competitive market, identification of the target user, and the crafting of an optimal user experience. The creation of an beautiful design represents the culmination of a multi-faceted journey that revolves around this narrative to elevate the brand. JCID equips you with the necessary tools to discern what needs to be designed, who it should be designed for, and how to create a captivating product that distinguishes itself in a crowded market. Below, you'll find an overview of the design steps JCID offers, which can be tailored to your specific needs either individually or as a comprehensive package.

Market Research
Design Strategy
ideation/concept generation
brand identity
3d modeling
production oversight